rotovac carpet cleaning using rotovac 360i
Rotovac Cleaning Carpet

We offer modern cleaning solution for your carpets. ROTOVAC carpet cleaning is a deep cleaning process which uses steam and dryer to quickly clean most robust of your carpets.


The Rotovac 360i is a Patented Rotary Jet Extractor that utilizes multiple rotary vacuum heads to deeply clean carpets and in multiple directions for better cleaning.

Benefits of ROTOVAC Cleaning

  • It offers a deep cleaning service which works well with both regular and plush carpets.
  • It offers restorative measures. You can get your carpet as new and clean as the new one with the restorative cleaning.
  • The Rotovac Machine has 6 vacuum type jets that resemble a wand head; it rotates under its own power.
  • The power scrubbing without the use of any abrasive detergent helps to retain the quality and durability of the carpet.

Truck Mounted Equipment

We use the Truck mounted equipment, hence there is no need of carrying the portable equipment inside your home. A propane heater is mounted within the truck which heats the water for hot water and steam cleaning at a go. The residue is collected by the machine inside the truck, hence, no residual water is left behind for your to clean up later.

Rinse & Drying

The ROTOVAC system uses a rinsing agent through the truck mount equipment to help extract excess soils and waste from the carpets, leaving a clean and new like carpet behind It may take up to 6-8 hours for complete dry time after the thorough cleaning. Many factors may affect dry time, such as grade of the carpet, thickness, made type and air flow etc. With better air flow, carpets can dry faster.

We do custom cleaning for the carpets which may take longer to dry on request from the home owners.

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