berber carpet cleaning
Berber Carpet Cleaning

Berber carpets are originally the hand-woven carpets which came from North Africa and Saharan region. Today, the carpets are generally industrially produced and are made of short, densely packed loops of industrial fiber.

Unlike other industrial carpets, Berber carpet cleaning requires a professional approach and skill. As cleaning them can be expensive, you should take precautionary measures to protect the durability and quality of the carpet.

Some of the features of Berber Carpet

  • They are resilient and very good for high traffic areas.
  • They can withhold wear and tear for a long time and prevent stain, however, once they get soiled, cleaning them can prove to be challenging.
  • They are mostly made up of Nylon, Olefin, Fiber and Wool. Wool Berber carpet is most expensive among all and also the most difficult for cleaning.
  • Carpets made from Olefin tends to attract oil easily. The residue from your shoes, kitchen, and skin can easily enter Olefin fibers, making it appear dingy.

Our Cleaning Process


Our experts possess in-handy knowledge on the type and made of Berber carpet. They will visit the site and assess the condition of the carpet. As Berber carpets are good in hiding stain, dirt and soil, a naked eye cannot tell what sort of cleaning it may need.


It is essential to vacuum the carpet beforehand, as the fiber tends to absorb soil and dirt easily. Once the loose dirt is extracted from the carpet, it is ready for the heavy work.

Dry Cleaning or Low-Moisture Clean

Getting the carpet all wet can prove to be disastrous as Olefin (most used fiber in Berber) repels water. The water may get under the fiber and collect at the end making it difficult to dry afterwards.

We use dry cleaning or low-moisture cleaning method to keep the carpet less wet during the cleaning. The industrial fiber can corrode due to moisture in the long run, hence, a unique cleaning method is essential.

Air Dry

We keep air drying the carpet during the cleaning process to keep it dry and moisture free. Drying the carpet post-cleaning can prove to be difficult as they use matted locks and can keep the water inside for a longer time.

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