How to Quickly Dry Wet Carpet?

How to Quickly Dry Wet Carpet?


Your home carpet is precious. Accidentally dropping water, spirit or other liquid on your carpet can render it useless in the long run. The damp area can leave stains or affect the entire carpet. The best methods prevent stains and damage is to approach the professionals, however, there are fewer things you can do to prevent maximum damage.

Here are some of the quick carpet drying methods.

Paper Towel Method

The paper towel method allows you to wipe up the water carpet at a go. You can start by spreading several paper towels over the wet carpet. In bare feet, do walk up and down the surface of the towels. When the first batch of towels are completely saturated, you can replace them with dry towels and repeat this process. You can repeat this process until any excess moisture remains.

This can be the handy method of drying a wet carpet. However, it’s most effective when drying up the plain water. For liquid-based food, wine, and other chemical-based liquids, you must approach the professional cleaners.

Wet/Dry Vacuum

Wet/Dry Vacuuming is another method of quickly drying the carpet. You can start by vacuuming the wet carpet with a wet/dry vacuum until there is no moisture left. Before vacuuming, you can choose to spray a carpet cleaner over the surface. The cleaning agent helps to loosen the dirt or residue. Afterward, you will be left with a clean and dry carpet.

Air Circulation

The method of air circulation for drying the carpet is the most accessible approach, however, it can take longer to get the required results. If there aren’t any other tools available at the site, you can go for this method.

You can try circulating the air around the wet area of the carpet as quickly as possible. You can use household fans, hairdryers, or ceiling fans to encourage the moisture to evaporate. Simultaneously, you can use dry sponges to absorb the excess moisture.


These are some of the most viable approaches when drying a wet carpet. In most dire cases, you’re recommended to call the professional cleaning service. In cases with minimal water damage, you can try cleaning the carpet yourself using some of the reliable DIY methods.