How to keep your carpet safe this Holiday?

How to keep your carpet safe this Holiday?

The time of Holidays is near, and so are the chances of getting your carpets into a mess. The continuous inflow of guests, relatives, and get-together and parties may invite unwanted attention to your home carpet and rugs.

Common Holiday Carpet Troubles

  • Spilling of drink (Water, beverages, alcohol etc)
  • Spilling of candle wax
  • Spilling hot curry, gravy, soups etc
  • Dropping chemical food items; chocolates, ice-cream etc
  • Accumulation of dirt and soil, common from the incoming guests
  • Pet odor and pet urine
  • The residue of holiday decorations

How to keep your Carpet Safe?

Here are some safety tips you can implement to keep your carpet safe this Holiday.

No Shoe Policy

Ask your guests and family members to keep their shoes outside of the living area. You can keep a shelve or rack at the door to keep their shoes. Most guests tend to walk directly into the room with their shoes on. They can bring snow, leaves, water, vehicle-residue and other enzymes through their shoes. Cleaning the shoe-stains from the carpets tend to be the most difficult task.

Avoid Pets inside the house

You should keep your own pets outside the house, or only allow them in certain areas inside the house. You can ask your guests, neighbors and family members to prevent bringing their pets along. Although it may sound rude to tell them so, you can put it nicely to avoid any bad-feeling. Removing pet odor, urine stain and smell tends to be difficult.

No Foods on the Carpet

Ask your family members and guests to avoid bring food on the carpet or rugs. You can ask them to eat inside the dining area, or other areas in the house with no carpets underneath. Holidays bring rich-flavored foods and dishes. The stains from these food items tend to be difficult to clean due to their fat, oil, and color contents.

No Drinks on the Carpet

Bringing drinks to the hall or living area is common. Most people prefer to drink while sitting on the sofa or couch. Sometimes, they can spill the drink which mostly lands on the carpet. A natural woolen carpet can be cleaned easily, however synthetic or polycarbonate materials tend to be difficult to clean. The stain of red wine is the most common form of liquid-stain endured by any carpet.

No Unboxing Items on the Carpet

Even though your guests bring gifts boxed in decorative plastics, you should consider unboxing them away from the carpet areas. The packaging items may contain small plastics, metals, and other residues such as foams, styrofoam, etc. These small contents can easily slip into the carpet, which requires you to immediately vacuum your carpet.

Keep a Safe space for decorations and candles

Decorative and candles are common during Christmas. Spilling candle wax and dropping decorative items, metals, the trinket is common. These can easily get into your carpet. Removing candle wax requires huge cleaning effort. You should consider keeping your decorative and candle away from the carpets.

Taking precaution is essential to prevent any damage or accident to your carpet.