How to keep your Carpet maintained if you have Pets

How to keep your Carpet maintained if you have Pets

If you have pets at home, then it can be next to impossible to keep your carpet clean. Pets tend to chew on the carpet, and often time walk over it with soiled feet. The pet urine, drool, and odor can often be a problem for the carpets. The thick matted carpets tend to collect the hairs and follicles. Over time the carpet accumulates hair and dirt which can create germs.

Wipe Your Pet’s Paws Off

You should keep your pet’s paws clean while allowing them inside the house. Most pets tend to wipe their paws off on the carpet. Keep a towel close to the door. Your pet may not like this, but it is one of the best things that you can do to maintain the carpet’s hygiene.

Add an Area Rug to the Room

An area rug doesn’t only make the room look better but it also protects your carpet. You should consider putting the area rug in a high-traffic area to prevent carpet wear and tear. You should make sure that your pet spends most of their time on the area rug and not the carpet.

Use a Pet-Friendly Carpet Cleaner

Most carpet cleaning agents tend to be harmful to pets. To ensure their health, you should consider using pet-friendly detergents and cleaning agents. Make sure that you get the moisture and debris up first. After that, you will need to use pet-friendly carpet cleaner.

Keep Your Pet Clean

Grooming your pet and keeping them clean will help to maintain a clean carpet. A clean pet may transfer less dirt or foreign agents into the carpet. Grooming your pet prevents excessive shading that may end up on the carpet.

Install Tile Floor

You can install the tile floor near or at the doorways. This is a reliable way to ensure you’re your pet carries less dirt into the house. It is easier to clean up dirt that’s on a tile floor.

Vacuum Your Carpet

You should consider vacuuming your carpet regularly. Regular vacuuming helps to keep the dirt and hair from accumulating in the carpet. You should also consider vacuuming or dusting your upholstery as the rug and cloths can easily attract dirt.

Use Baking Soda

Baking Soda is the most common treatment agent for any stain and odor. Baking soda is the best alternative for any quick cleaning, however, it is important to remember that only baking soda isn’t a reliable substitute for deep carpet cleaning agents.

Watch What Your Pet Eats

Pets tend to nib on food items almost all the time. It’s important to check what your pet eats inside the house. Most of the dog food leaves color on the carpet and rugs which can turn into nasty stains. You should prevent pets from eating inside the house or on the carpet and rugs.  

Hire a Carpet Cleaning Service

The best choice for keeping your carpet maintained is to hire a professional carpet cleaning service. Most stains, dirt, or soil cannot be remedied with household treatment. They require a professional method of cleaning. You will need to have your carpet professionally cleaned two or three times per year.


Keeping your carpet clean prevents any disease or allergen from infesting inside the house. You should consider keeping your pet clean and away from the carpet.