How to fix Carpet Dents using an Ice-Cube Method?

How to fix Carpet Dents using an Ice-Cube Method?

Fixing carpet dents is easier than you think. Most minor wear and tear can be fixed with reliable DIY methods, however, you must consult a professional if you can’t seem to treat the carpet.

Carpet Dent

Carpet dents are generally caused by placing a heavy piece of furniture over the carpet for a long time. Leaving heavy furniture in one spot on a carpet will cause dents over time because the weight of the furniture will compress the fibers in the carpet.

Some carpet fabrics are less-sensitive to heavy footing and can endure traffic for a long time, however, most other carpet fabrics can wear down easily. Carpet dent is common in almost every carpet fabric.

Dented carpet area

Types of Carpet Fabrics

  • Nylon
  • Olefin
  • Acrylic 
  • Wool
  • Polyester

6 Easy Steps to Fix Carpet Dents

Remove the furniture

The first step to remove carpet dent is to move the furniture away from the dented area or the overall carpet. You can't address dents in the carpet if the furniture is still there.

When the dented area is accessible, check the label of the carpet to determine what kind of material or fabric it is. Most synthetic fibers can be fixed using the ice-cube method. Nylon, olefin, and polyester are the common synthetic materials.

Protect the floor underneath

It is important to protect the underneath of the floor while removing dents from the carpet area. The water or moisture absorbed by the carpet passes directly underneath to the floor, hence, it is important to protect it from damage.

To protect the floor, you can place a towel, rag, or other absorbent material under the carpet area where you’ll be treating the dent.


Fill the dent areas with ice cubes. You can use enough ice cubes to fill the dent completely. As the ice cubes melt, the compressed fibers will slowly absorb the water and rise. The fiber becomes fuller and swollen, hence reducing the indentation.

Do check to see if your carpet is colorfast. The carpets that let color off can leave a nasty mark on the floor.

Leave the dent overnight, or for at least four hours, and let the water sit on the dented area. This will allow the fiber to absorb enough water to swell and regain their original shape.

Blot the area dry

Use a clean towel or thick cloth to blot the wet area and absorb excess water from the carpet. The carpet doesn’t have to be completely dry but you shouldn’t leave it completely wet. You can switch to a dry area of towel or get a new towel to keep absorbing more water. After blotting the area, you can remove the towel or cloth from underneath the carpet.

Fluff the fibers

As the dented areas have regained their original plumpness, you can fluff them back into shape to remove any or all traces of the dent. You can use your finger, a small coin, or a spoon to brush and fluff the carpet fibers in multiple directions so they stand up tall and straight like the rest of the fibers.

As an easier option, you can also use a carpet brush or carpet rake to fluff the fibers.