6 Secrets to Hiring a House Cleaning Service

6 Secrets to Hiring a House Cleaning Service

Looking at our busy lives, house cleaning services are blessing nowadays. The house cleaning service providers take one of our intense and time taking work on their shoulders. But, it's very important who and how you choose for the service. To make that easy, here are some tips you can go through before hiring any house cleaning service provider.

Ask Friends and Families for Referral 

Someone who has already used house cleaning service from a company can tell you a lot about their service, their staff, materials they use, time they take and their security measures. Ask a bunch of people around you and pick the best from them. 

Check for Online Reviews

Service providers definitely try to make their service look fantastic via there website. The real picture comes through online reviews. Here, you should look for genuine reviews which are provided by real customers. Do not choose the service which has got lots of bad reviews, you know why. And do not choose the service which has got only good reviews either, the flattery reviews are generally written by the company themselves.

Bonding, Insurance & Worker's compensation

A good company will mention bonding, insurance, and worker's compensation during your inquiry. Bonding is the insurance or payback for any stolen object from your house. Their insurance policy covers broken objects or damage during the house cleaning. A responsible company always care about their employees. If a worker gets injured during the cleaning process, the company bears all the expenses of his medical treatment. Always look for this in a service provider before hiring them.

Cleaning Supplies

Some company provide their own cleaning supplies, whereas others require you to manage the supplies, both are fine. It's up to you which one you choose. If you can trust the company, their products and supplies then it will be easier if you go for the first option. But, if you do not have an idea what kind of stuff they use, whether they use the supplies they say they use or not, whether they clean the supplies properly in between the cleaning of two houses, then having your own supplies is a much better option.

What type of business it is?

View in detail whether the company you are calling in for cleaning is a service provider company or a shared economy company or website. The service provider company will have consistent employees. They do the background check, police and drug check and reference check before hiring a person, hence, these are safe to work with. The personnel you find on shared economy websites are anyone who uploads their cv or details. No one is responsible for their actions.

Ask questions to the service provider

It, definitely, is easy to go online fill up a form and submit for buying any product or service. But here, we are talking about calling someone you don't know into your house where all your valuable things are. Thus, call the company or meet the representative in person before hiring them. Ask them lots of questions about their company, policies, staffs, materials they use and other. Do not hire them until and unless you are confident about them from all aspects. 

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To conclude, though house cleaning services have made our lives far easier, we should always be proactive about knowing what and whom we are calling in rather than regret later.