3 Mistakes made by Carpet Owners

3 Mistakes made by Carpet Owners

Most carpet owners tend to end up with regret after getting their carpet cleaned by a random company. Cheaper price and heavy equipment and makes most people disillusioned. Great service comes from experience.

Here are 3 common mistakes made by carpet owners while choosing a cleaning service

Going with Cheap Prices Services

People generally fall for cheap prices advertised on the website, banners or ads on the street. Those who guarantee cheaper price rarely guarantee best customer service. It’s more of a marketing gimmick to bring in more customers. As a homeowner, you must choose cleaners who dedicated their time and effort to make your carpet as new.

Most service providers advertise cheap price only for the sake of advertising. Once you book with them, they’ll only offer the most basic service or try to upsell you more of their services.

A cheap price also means that the company operates cheap equipment, which basically means the results they offer are compromised.

Omitting Customer Review and Feedback

As a diligent customer, you must look into the history of the business before choosing them. Checking the previous customers’ feedback and review can be the most insightful information on choosing any company.

Many customers leave complete customer experience or also offer information on the details of cleaning, which can help you to decide who to choose and what service to purchase. Choosing a carpet cleaner without checking historical reviews or doing some basic research is a big mistake. Most companies fail to deliver, simply because they lack experience or skilled staff.

Do they have a good track record? What equipment do they operate? Are they insured? Do they have any real results they can show you? What will happen if damage accidentally occurs? How will they rectify or deal with it if there’s a problem?

Choosing Equipment over Service History

Most carpet owners fall for big and shiny equipment. Although it can be true sometimes that the right equipment makes a big difference in the entire cleaning process, it is also undeniable that the cleaning should be processed by experienced staff. Other than carpets, cleaning upholstery requires a skilled hand. The soft and sensitive fabric can easily be ruined if handled by ill-experienced professional.


As a carpet owner, you must care to look into the history of the carpet cleaning service provider and their service record before inviting them inside your home.