25 Best Tips to Keep Your House Clean

25 Best Tips to Keep Your House Clean

Who loves doing house chores? Not many of us do.

Here are plenty of natural, cheap, and quick house cleaning tips to keep your home dirt free.

  1. Use a wet rubber glove to remove pet hair

It’s easy to remove tiny pet hair from the upholstery and sofas. Use a damp washing up glove and easily drag it over soft furnishings like sofas and curtains to remove animal fur.

  1. Use a flip flop to remove pet hair

If you do not have any washing up gloves? Consider using a (clean!) rubber flip-flop on your furnishings which will work just as well. It's especially useful if you're constantly losing flip-flops and end up with odd ones.

  1. Use a coffee filter to clean glass or mirrors easily

Maybe you have used coffee to help you get out of the bed. Did you know you can use the coffee filter to clean windows? You can smarten up grubby windows without any chemicals – just give them a sweep with a clean coffee filter. It works like magic.

  1. Use tights to stop your vacuum cleaner hoovering up coins

Don't throw away those laddered tights! You can use a pair of tights over your hoover nozzle which will catch any change, hair bands, and other bits and bobs before they get sucked away.

  1. Clean your microwave naturally with a cup of water

If your microwave is looking too grumpy and smelling odd, don't panic. It can easily be cleaned for free in just a jiffy. Just pop a heat-proof cup of water with half a lemon and its juice in the microwave on a high setting for a minute or two. Leave the mixture in the microwave with its door closed for 5 minutes for the steam to do its work, then easily wipe down the inside of your microwave.

  1. Reuse cleaning sponges – just microwave them clean

If you feel like you're constantly buying new packs of kitchen and bathroom cleaning sponges. Don’t worry, you can get more use from your cleaning sponges by giving them a quick one or two-minute blast in the microwave on a high setting. This will kill off bacteria.

  1. Make a quick natural cleaning product for your whole home

Feel like a money-saving magician with this easy-peasy recipe. Just mix four tablespoons of baking soda and a liter of warm water to make a cheap and natural all-purpose cleaner.  Use liberally on your surfaces, floors and anywhere else that's in need of a scrub.

  1. Great money-saving tip: clean limescale from your shower head using vinegar

If you're looking for a more natural way to clean your home from top to bottom, Vinegar is your new best friend. Soak your shower head in a mixture of boiling water and vinegar to unclog any limescale easily. More vinegar cleaning tips.

  1. Use baby oil to remove fingerprints from stainless steel

Baby oil has multiple uses. It's actually a whiz at lifting grease too. If the hood of your cooker, or other stainless-steel appliances, are grubby with finger marks, pop a small amount of baby oil on to a clean, microfiber cloth and give them a wipe.

  1. Use an old toothbrush for cleaning your bathroom

Don’t throw away your old toothbrush – it can be a really useful tool. Give it a rinse in boiling water to get rid of any germs, and use it to get into nooks and crannies that your vacuum cleaner can't reach. It’s especially handy in the bathroom, for cleaning hard to reach areas around the tap or drain.